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Chemical Refining Thermal Insulation

Supplying high-tech thermal insulation and condensation prevention for chemical refining substrates, NanoCote insulating coatings keep personnel safe while lowering the cost of plant maintenance. Since conventional insulation cannot effectively prevent surface degradation due to CUI, chemical leaks put employees at risk for dangerous inhalation and contact injuries. NanoCote's products help maximize crew safety by inhibiting corrosion and allowing for easy inspection of substrate integrity and reduces slippage.

Refinery Thermal Insulation

Refinery operators can rely on NanoCote's products because they provide the following safety and benefits:

• Thermal insulation ratings from up to 375°F (190°C)
• Employee protection from biological hazards, mold and mildew growth, bacteria buildup and other moisture-related conditions
• Energy savings and improved equipment efficiency
• UL Class-A fire rating, zero flame spread
• Easy, spray-on application for heights and hard-to-reach machinery • Secure, durable bonding with substrate
• Low-maintenance, one-step application

The NanoCote product line can be used to thermally insulate a variety of surfaces and areas without machinery shutdown. Application options include:

• Pipelines and steam lines
• Pressure valves
• Heat exchangers and boilers
• Process equipment
• Storage tanks and vessels
• Machinery
• All equipment prone to damaging CUI

Most chemical and petroleum refineries can expect a return on their investment within 12 to 24 months of application, making NanoCote® a valuable facility addition.